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Rules and Regulations

1.) You are at least 14 years old.

2.) You have a working flight simulator (Prepare3D, X-Plane all versions or MSFS 2020).

3.) Openworld Airlines has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to racism and the like. Everyone is welcome and no one is excluded.

4.) Experience in online flight service is not required. However, you should be proficient in your flight simulator. IFR, ILS and Clearence should also be familiar to you.

5.) If you are using a flight simulator for the first time, the staff will be happy to help you familiarise yourself with flying.

6.) Openworld is represented on the online network IVAO, but offline pilots are also welcome.

7.) If you are flying online, please also use an Openworld callsign. Double billing on several VAs is prohibited. Should we notice this, we will delete your account without further inquiry.

8.) Openworld Airlines does not pursue a commercial background, but would like to bring the feeling of realism into your flight simulator.

9.) Should you not be able to fly for a longer period of time, please inform the staff via Discord private message to prevent your account from being set to inactive. If we have not heard from you within 6 months, we will set your account to inactive. After 8 months your account will be deleted.

10.) We use a Discord server. You can find the link to it at the bottom of our page. In order to better classify yourself, please use your real name when registering. Synonyms are not allowed. If you are an applicant, please register with your name only.

11.) After your registration you will be invited to a kennel interview. This will be arranged on Discord with a staff member who will contact you. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you and to get a picture of you and us. Please allow at least 15 minutes for the interview. This way we can explain the VA to you and make it easier for you to get started.

12.) After your activation, you have 4 weeks for your first two flights in the VA. If you haven't made a flight after 4 weeks, your account will be set to inactive. After another 4 weeks we will delete your account.

13.) If your PC crashes, it is unfortunate but unavoidable. Don't worry, it happens to everyone. Unfortunately, your current flight cannot be scored.

14.) If you violate any of the VA rules, Openworld Airlines reserves the right to exclude you from the community.

15.) Openworld Airlines is a VA where you can get involved at any time. Your wishes are important to us and we try to find a good middle way to take all wishes into account.

16.) All logos and liveries of Openworld Airlines are property of the VA. The VA provides the liveries exclusively and free of charge to all VA pilots. Publication or distribution to third parties is strictly prohibited.